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If you are injured on the job, you can seek medical attention and reimbursement for time lost due missed work related to the injury through the workers' compensation insurance. Most employers have workers' compensation coverage that is state run. Which means any dispute relating to the claim is filed with the workers; compensation commission of the state. This includes compensability (whether the injury occurred on the job), extent of the injury (all related body parts) or amount of compensation for time loss. 

In Texas, employers are not required to provide state run workers' compensation coverage. These employers have elected to offer coverage for their employees through "look alike" policies. Any claims related to these policies are not filed with the state commission office. If an employer elects to provide this type of coverage than could be setting themselves up for lawsuits by their own employees. Under this system you can file a claim directly against your employer seeking 100% of your medical and income loss. The burden of proof is on the employee to show the employer was negligent in some fashion that caused the injury on the job. 

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