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Texas Dram Shop Act is contained in the Alcohol Beverage Code. It holds establishments liabel for selling alcohol to obviously intoxicated persons. The person sueing the bar must prove that they were obviously intoxicated to the extent they were a danger to themselves or others when they were sold alcohol. 

If you or a loved one have been involved in a Dram Shop incident involving an intoxicated person you may have a claim against the bar, restaurant, convenient store or similar entity where alcohol is sold. However, you must prove your claim, this can be done by obtaining the video surveillance of the intoxicated individual from the establishment, other patrons that were there, bar staff and drink receipts. 

Time is of the essence in Dram Shop Cases, evidence can be destroyed, lost or misplaced. If you or a loved one has experienced a loss due an intoxicated person contact the Spradlin Law Firm immediatly at 713-228-2343

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If you are injured on the job, you can seek medical attention and reimbursement for time lost due missed work related to the injury through the workers' compensation insurance. Most employers have workers' compensation coverage that is state run. Which means any dispute relating to the claim is filed with the workers; compensation commission of the state. This includes compensability (whether the injury occured on the job), extent of the injury (all related body parts) or amount of compensation for time loss. 

In Texas, employers are not required to provide state run workers' compensation coverage. These employers have elected to offer coverage for their employees through "look alike" policies. Any claims related to these policies are not filed with the state commission oiffice. If an employer elects to provide this type of coverage than could be setting themselves up for lawsuits by their owen employees. Under this system you can file a claim direclty against your employer seeking 100% of your medical and income loss. The burden of proof is on the employee to show the employer was negligent in some fashon that caused the injury on the job. 

At the Spradlin Law Firm we have handled both types of cases and are here to help. If you have been injured on the job and are not sure what kind of coverage your employer elected, we can help. Call us today anytime: 713-228-2343. 

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Wrongful Death Claims are there to help the survivors. The lawsuits are filed on the behalf of a family. Either a spouse, parent or child of the decedent. Wrongful Death Claims can come in many forms and are there to help compensate the surviving family members. Some examples include:

Vehilce Wrecks - drunk driver's, accidents involving trucking companies, negligent driver's. If the individual behind the wheel is negligent in taking a life we can help. 

Medical Claims and Nursing Home Neglect - complications related to a surgical proceedure, delay in treatment, misdiagnosis, staff or doctors abusing or failure to care for a loved one in a nursing home and other similar claims are filed against the negligent physician or heathcare entity who did not provide the appropriate care. 

However, there is never any true compensation no matter the dollar amount that will substitute for the loss of a family member. If you have experienced the loss of a family memeber as a result of the Wrongful Death of another, we are hear to help. Call Spradlin Law Firm anytime day or night at 713-228-2343 

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The first step in any serious car or truck accident is to hire an attorney. There are many choices you have to make after the accident. Dealing with the adjuster for an insurnace company can be very frustrating and confusing. They will request a recorded statement about how the auto accident happened, but then they wil inquire about previous auto accidents and old injuries. This has nothing to do with the current accident other than to downplay your current condition. 

Remember the adjuster is on the other side and does not have your best interest at heart. Their job is to offer you as little money as possible on your auto accident. You are just a claim number to them as they have hundreds of cases on their plate. Before dealing with any adjuster it is very important to contact a personal injury attorney that handles auto accidents cases.

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